2023 Leadership Program

The ILC 2023 Leadership Program

15 – 17 June 2023

Portland, Maine, United States

The ILC is pleased to present the 2023 Fundamentals of Care Leadership Program, taking place immediately after the 2023 ILC Conference.

The Fundamentals of Care Leadership Program, developed via a participatory co-design process in 2021 and 2022, has been designed by and for nursing, allied health, management and executive leaders who want to make a difference to care in their organisations.

Whether you work in the areas of research, education, policy, and practice, or in acute, community, or other health and care sectors, this leadership program will help you be a better advocate for fundamental care.

With colleagues from across the globe, you will learn about creating change in your organisation to improve the care experience for patients and clients and to influence and shape care policy, practice, research and education.

Participants in the Fundamentals of Care Leadership Program will gain:

  • unprecedented access to global experts in fundamentals of care
  • networking opportunities for sharing of ideas and best practice
  • a better understanding of competing priorities in different contexts, for example research groups, education settings, clinical practice settings, and strategies to overcome these
  • inspiration to influence change through leadership and political debate
  • ideas and skills to increase awareness, recognition, and commitment to fundamentals of care
  • national and international connections for collaborations that have real impact on fundamental care delivery
  • a toolkit to help jumpstart change
  • a shared understanding of fundamentals of care and how one becomes a
    leader in this area.

Participants in the ILC Fundamentals of Care Leadership Program will also be provided with 12-months of mentoring from international experts in fundamental care, and opportunities to continue to engage with your cohort of colleagues while you implement your learnings and flex your leadership muscles for fundamentals of care.

“I need the strategies to get staff on board and to change the narrative about this care. I want all staff to recognise the importance of fundamental care and need a way to bring them along.

Participation in the ILC Fundamentals of Care Leadership Program will:

  • build your understanding of the evidence base for fundamentals of care
  • increase your understanding of knowledge translation processes
  • provide ideas and practical techniques of how you can better engage
    with your organisation at all levels to achieve change
  • provide you with tools to plan, implement and evaluate your activities in
    relation to fundamental care