ILC Mission and Values

Following the ILC’s 2019 annual event, held for the first time in Denmark, the Steering Committee worked together to develop a key set of strategies to how we can radically transform the way in which fundamental care is delivered, researched and taught.

These strategies form the basis of the ILC’s mission statement and values.

Our Mission

Fundamental Care involves actions on the part of the care team that respects and focuses on a person’s essential needs to ensure their physical and psychosocial wellbeing. These needs are met by developing positive and trusting relationships with the person being cared for as well as their family and carers (Feo et al., 2017).

The International Learning Collaborative (ILC) is an organisation dedicated to creating practical resources to ensure that the Fundamentals of Care are visible in care settings globally.

The objectives to achieve our Mission are outlined in 5 key statements

To generate practical, sustainable solutions, the ILC drives a substantial rethinking of the delivery of fundamental care. The ILC is the vehicle to achieve this change for radically transforming fundamental care delivery through:

  1. Value: Fundamental care must be foundational to all caring activities, systems and institutions.
  2. Talk: Fundamental care must be explicitly articulated in all caring activities, systems and institutions.
  3. Do: Fundamental care must be explicitly actioned and evaluated in all caring activities, systems and institutions.
  4. Own: Fundamental care must be owned by each individual who delivers care, works in a system that is responsible for care or works in an institution whose mission is to deliver care.
  5. Research: Fundamental care must undergo systematic and high-quality investigations to generate the evidence needed to inform care practices and shape health systems and education curricula.
Our Vision

Patient outcomes and experiences, staff well-being, safety and quality, and the economic viability of healthcare systems all benefit by delivering high quality Fundamental Care. The ILC community shares a global vision that recognises the challenges of the introduction and uptake the Fundamentals of Care (FoC) across educational and clinical settings. For radical transformation within health systems globally, there must be engagement of all those involved in delivering care in all settings: consumers, clinicians, educators, leaders, researchers, policy-makers, politicians and students.

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