Connected to Care

In moving towards our goal of becoming a global leader in transforming the delivery of fundamental care, the ILC has created a tag line to encapsulate the work that we do and demonstrate our goals, mission and values.

The tagline – ‘Connected to Care’ – is multi-faceted. It represents a call to action – we as clinicians, researchers, educators, and leaders must connect with the art and science of caring. We must value the fundamentals of care and systematically embed them in practice, research, education, and policy.

‘Connected to care’ also demonstrates the importance of relationship-centred care. A trusting nurse-patient relationship, which is part of an integrated, team-based approach, is central to quality healthcare. It is only by connecting with people that we can properly care for them; we must be connected in order to care. Delivering high-quality, compassionate fundamental care therefore involves having therapeutic interactions with patients in the context of a trusting relationship that places patients at the centre of their care.

The tag line also encompasses the way in which we as a collaborative work – we are connected. We have members from all over the globe, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Denmark, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, the US and the UK. We connect so that we can bring together the best minds in healthcare research, education, and policy. Our international collaborations ensure that we are at the forefront of global change in healthcare delivery.