ILC 2020 and COVID-19

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact internationally, the ILC Steering Group is working on several contingency plans for the ILC 2020 event, currently scheduled to be held in Oxford, UK, in June of this year.

We understand that many of you who were planning on attending ILC 2020 are nursing and healthcare leaders whose first priority is your health system, its patient and its staff. As such, many of you might be unable to travel and will need to be on hand to support in managing this pandemic. We also understand that many of our members might not receive approval to travel or might choose not to travel at this time. This is completely understandable; our first priority must be the health of our patients, students, colleagues and loved ones as well as ourselves. As such, we have temporarily suspended registrations for the ILC event. We are currently working with Saïd Business School, where ILC 2020 is scheduled to be hosted, to explore the possibility of postponing and reconvening the event later in the year.

We will continue to keep you updated and once we know more about the trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic, we will inform you of the plans. Until that time, we would advise that you postpone making any travel arrangements specifically for the ILC 2020 event.