ILC Annual International Conference 2021

The ILC Annual International Conference 2021

Dates: 9 and 10 June 2021 (from 3.30pm ACST)
Theme: Nursing Leadership for Fundamental Care

The ILC’s 12th annual conference will be held on June 9 to 10, 2021. For the first time ever, the ILC’s conference will be entirely virtual, facilitating attendance and collaboration amongst our ever-growing number of international members.

The theme for this year’s event is Nursing Leadership for Fundamental Care. This theme recognises that generating practical, sustainable solutions to enhance fundamental care delivery globally requires that we substantially rethink fundamental care and its contribution to our healthcare systems. Key to this radical systems transformation is effective and innovative nursing leadership. Whilst several leadership programs exist within the healthcare space, none are dedicated specifically to fundamental care. The ILC aims to develop and deliver such a program. 

The ILC’s 12th annual conference represents the beginning of a larger co-design process aimed at designing a bespoke leadership program for fundamental care.

This year, the ILC’s annual conference will consist of two parts:

Day 1 will offer a series of invited speaker presentations from international nursing leaders. Each leader will provide their expertise on leadership for fundamental care in one of four key areas: research, education, policy, and practice. This will provide conference attendees with a thorough understanding of nursing leadership for fundamental care across the globe and provide appropriate background for Day 2’s events.

Day 2 will consist of a series of interactive, co-design workshops. These workshops will form part of a collaborative co-design process to develop a leadership program dedicated to enhancing the capacity of current and aspiring nursing leaders to ensure high-quality person-centred fundamental care within any health system. The workshops will bring together ILC members and expert nursing leaders to identify:

  • Key learning and professional development requirements for nursing leaders in different areas and at different levels specifically in relation to fundamental care
  • Goals, parameters and deliverables of a nursing leadership program for fundamental care
  • Barriers and enablers to the implementation of nursing leadership programs for fundamental care across health and care systems

The workshops will be structured and facilitated by a member of the ILC or a nursing expert. Each workshop will be capped at approximately 15 participants each to facilitate discussion. Four workshops will run at time, meaning a maximum of 60 attendees will be able to participate in Day 2 of the conference program. Workshops will focus on one of four key areas: research, education, policy and practice. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to attend more than one workshop, with multiple workshops running consecutively as well as simultaneously.

Both days of the Conference will be open to ILC members as well as non-members. As part of their membership package, members receive a substantially reduced registration fee for Days 1 and 2 of the conference. 

Attendance Options

Non ILC Members

ILC Members

Day One Registration

AU $250

AU $75

Full Registration for Two Days

AU $350

AU $125

Note: All prices in AU $ (plus GST for Australian Registrants)

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