Graduate Nurses Integrate FoC from Theory to Practice

Maiken Kaldal, PhD Student, presents her research on the transition of graduate nurses.

Maiken’s research focuses on newly graduated nurses’ transition into clinical practice, both on an educational and organizational level. Her PhD study explores the integration of the conceptual FoC framework in newly graduated nurses' orientation and the possibilities and limitations of the framework’s utility. In addition, topics such as newly graduated nurses’ wellbeing, retention, and competence development, as well quality of care and patient safety are among the research topics being explored in the PhD study.

Maiken’s intention is to bridge the gap between education, clinical nursing, and research. She has a special interest in examining whether the reported positive experiences from implementing the conceptual FoC framework in the Bachelor of Nursing Program at UCN University College of Northern Denmark, can be transferred into graduate transition and orientation.  Maiken is an active ILC Member.