Since its inception, the ILC has produced several key publications and resources that have significantly advanced our aim of improving how fundamental care is delivered, taught and researched in healthcare systems globally.
Member Reflections

Reflections on a case study

New Zealand ILC member, Amy Best, provides a thought-provoking and heartfelt account of providing fundamental care within the intensive care environment. Read the full reflection here.

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Journal article

Speaking up for fundamental care

The ILC’s Mission Statement Following the ILC’s 2019 annual event, held for the first time in Denmark, the Steering Committee worked together to develop a key set of strategies to


The Fundamentals of Care Framework

The Fundamentals of Care Framework (2013) Much of the ILC’s work is underpinned and supported by the Fundamentals of Care Framework. The Framework outlines what is involved in the delivery


The Fundamentals of Care Framework Video

This short animated video, developed by Drs Mandy Archibald, Rebecca Feo, Tiffany Conroy and Professor Alison Kitson at Flinders University, Australia, outlines the importance of getting fundamental care right! It

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