Saying goodbye to our esteemed colleague Prof Erik Elgaard Sørensen

On Monday October 7, 2019, esteemed colleague and ILC Steering Group member, Prof Erik Elgaard Sørensen, peacefully passed away at his home in Aalborg, Denmark.

Erik was a true champion and advocate for fundamental care and nursing research within Denmark and internationally. His efforts saw the development of a cross-institutional partnership on fundamental care, involving 6 universities throughout Northern Denmark. This year, Erik and his team at Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital hosted the ILC’s annual event, the first time the event was held in Denmark. Erik’s leadership and vision saw the event draw its biggest crowed to date – more than 250 clinicians, researchers, educators, politicians and patient representatives converged to discuss how to best to integrate fundamental care within research, education, policy and healthcare systems.

In addition to his outstanding work ethic and contributions to nursing research, Erik will be remembered for his kindness and generosity.

Erik will be greatly missed.