Spanish adaptation of the Fundamentals of Care Framework: White paper in Spanish and English

Article by Dr Maria Alejandra Pinero de Plaza & Professor Alison Kitson. 

Revised by Ana María Porcel Gálvez (PhD, BSc, RN) & Regina Allande Cusso (PhD, RN)

Fundamental care combines the needs of the person being cared for with the caregiver’s actions. The approach is not just about addressing an individual’s physical needs but about understanding and addressing the psychosocial and relational needs of the person receiving care while providing support, generating trust, and associated appropriate actions and behaviours. It is a relationship process that takes place within the framework of an organisation with solid policies and systems that place the person at the centre of attention while enabling workers’ job satisfaction. These fundamental needs are only met through a positive and trusting relationship with the care recipient, including their family and everyone involved.

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