ILC Founding Partners

The International Learning Collaborative has consistently ascertained that employing the Fundamentals of Care to improve patient care is the first and most important step in care management.

Changing the perception from ‘the patient’ to ‘the person’ in all healthcare settings is the first step in providing person-centric care that considers the elemental needs of the person receiving that care.

The ILC recognises and applauds our Founding Partners, who have been instrumental in supporting the work and philosphies of the International Learning Collaborative.

The ILC Founding Partners program celebrates the pivotal role of Founding Partner organisations in giving a voice and action to research and implementation of the Fundamentals of Care globally.

Annual contributions made by our Founding Partners will be invested in furthering the services, tools and resources offered by the ILC to our broader ILC Members and community.

The ILC Founding Partners Fund, supported by our Founding Partners, will enable the ILC to formalise and enact strategies to ensure that the Fundamentals of Care can be played on the world stage of health care.
In our April 2022 ILC Newsletter Professor Mette Grønkjær, Head of Research, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University and Clinical Nursing Research Unit, Aalborg University Hospital, spoke about about why Aalborg University Hospital wanted to become an ILC Founding Partner:

“Since 2012, Aalborg University Hospital has been actively engaged in supporting the important work of the International Learning Collaborative around the Fundamentals of Care (FoC) conceptual framework. The ILC has provided a strong platform for numerous international collaborative activities around FoC including joint research and publications, grant applications, conference planning, bilateral PhD studies etc.

With support from the ILC, it has been possible to extend the FoC activities at Aalborg University Hospital to other regional, national, and international partnerships by making strong connections between FoC in clinical practice, education, leadership, and research. Aalborg University Hospital’s initial commitment to the ILC and FoC has led to the development of a cross-institutional partnership among somatic and psychiatric hospitals, primary care, nursing education and research in the North Denmark Region. This partnership has been imperative in focusing on fundamental nursing care across six institutions and for initiating discussions on what nursing care is and requires.”