Regional Networks

ILC Regional Networks

The ILC Regional Networks are structures that facilitate networking, education and advocacy amongst ILC Members with expertise and passion for the fundamentals of care. They provide a mechanism to discuss and design local, national and regional strategies and activities that raise awareness of, and promote the implementation of, fundamentals of care and the work of the International Learning Collaborative (ILC).

The Fundamentals of Care Regional Networks functions are:

  1. Discussions and networking re FoCThe Regional Networks will be the place where general discussion occurs amongst ILC Members. They aim to facilitate problem-solving, sharing of news and proposing ideas for regional activities.
  2. Produce locally relevant FoC resourcesThe Regional Network may generate its own resources and modify centrally generated resources of the ILC for both language translation and health/care system nuances and context.
  3. Regional eventsThe Regional Network may arrange events that promote fundamentals of care or improve the skills of the Members.
  4. TrainingThe Regional Network may arrange training to promote fundamentals of care within care providers locally or regionally.

The Fundamentals of Care Regional Networks will meet quarterly each year.


The Fundamentals of Care Regional Networks will include all ILC Members who are based in their region defined as:

  1. The Americas (North and South)
  2. Europe Africa, Middle East
  3. Asia/Pacific
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ILC Members are alerted to their Regional Network meetings. If you are not an ILC Member but want to get involved, fill in the form below. 

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