Translation and cultural adaptation of the fundamentals of care framework: Are we there yet?

Article by Asa Muntlin & Eva Jangland

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Aim: This paper aims to explore and describe the translation and cultural adaptation of the Fundamentals of Care framework to a Swedish context, and highlight the need for a translated version.

Design: An exploratory, descriptive approach was adopted.

Methods: A structured forward-backward translation process and cultural adapta- tion were used, considering situation and recipient as recommended for such process. Data such as literature and documents were collected during 2019–2021. The authors took systematic steps in collaboration with a strategic sample of experts: professional language service providers, clinicians, educators and a linguist.

Results: The framework was mainly translated verbatim. A few fundamental care el- ements were adjusted to the Swedish language, context and clinical practice. Also, this work clarified the relational elements to be coherently seen as nursing actions. Addressing the need for a translated version was illustrated in activities in research, education and clinical practice.

Conclusion: This paper highlights the importance of translating the Fundamentals of Care framework into a country’s native language to gain acceptance and application there. Sharing the framework’s translated version impacts nursing science, gener- ating a consistent language in the development and conducting of research for the comparison and transferability or generalizability of findings. Together with a cultural adaptation, the translated framework can support and guide researchers, educators and nursing leaders in articulating fundamental nursing care for enacting change. By disseminating the first Swedish version of the framework we encourage a global dis- cussion and sharing of examples of translation and cultural adaptation by others. Impact: The framework’s English version has limitations in various context. This paper shows a systematic translation and cultural adaptation process of the framework. We proclaim that this is necessary for nursing leaders and nurses to be able to apply it in guiding nursing practice and leading change.