University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) Becomes A Founding Partner of the ILC

The ILC continues to unite a cohesive global collaborative who believe that Fundamental Care needs be positioned at the very heart of care by partnering with the University College of Northern Denmark (UCN).

Since 2012, the nursing programme at University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) has participated in developing the Fundamentals of Care (FoC) conceptual framework in the regional context of North Jutland, Denmark, together with five other institutions.

The University has decided that it’s time for UCN’s nursing programme to consolidate the conceptual framework in their educational context by becoming a Founding Partner with the ILC.

In FoC, the nursing programme has found a strategic aim to ensuring a person-centred, reflected and evidence-based approach to nursing, perfect for ensuring the necessary focus on basic nursing.

According to the team at the UCN, there has been a strong tendency among nurses in Denmark to regard basic nursing as less prestigious compared to more specialized nursing such as intensive care, orthopaedic surgical nursing, etc. However, basic nursing is crucial to getting an overall idea of the patient’s condition and promoting the patient’s positive health outcomes. By putting FoC on the agenda, UCN’s nursing programme wants to ensure that their nursing graduates become aware of the importance of basic nursing as the foundation for providing efficient and high-quality care to their patients.

“In ILC, UCN’s nursing programme has found a network that can help consolidating Fundamentals of Care in our educational context, and the staff members of UCN’s nursing programme will undoubtedly benefit greatly from participating in the network’s activities. Gaining access to the research that is carried out in the network and taking part in the international collaborative activities with fellow researchers and lecturers will enhance the knowledge base of UCN’s nursing faculty, and so will the opportunity to develop a common language for basic nursing care across countries,” says Susanne Annikki Kristensen from UCN.

By taking part in the development of FoC in a Danish context, UCN’s nursing programme has acquired great knowledge of the framework’s contribution to a nursing educational context, and they will be more than happy to share their knowledge with other members of the network.

The Fundamentals of Care International Learning Collaborative (FoCILC ) is an international Member-based organisation that promotes attention to the basic needs of people in receipt of care in health and community services as a priority of all care providers.

The ILC provides a platform for members to collaborate and advocate for real-world systems change.

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