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2023 International ConferenceThe ILC 2023 Annual International Conference is the signature event for the ILC and brings together our global community of fundamental care experts and champions from practice, research, education and policy.
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Fundamental care matters to all of us.

The ILC brings people together to influence and transform how fundamental care is delivered globally. We provide the opportunity for our members to connect and learn from leaders within their field and provide a platform to collaborate and contribute to real-world systems change.

What is fundamental care?

Fundamental care respects and focuses on a person’s essential needs.

These needs are met through a positive and trusting relationship with the person being cared for, including their family and carers.

The International Learning Collaborative Focus

The International Learning Collaborative (ILC) is dedicated to creating practical resources to ensure that the Fundamentals of Care are visible and valued in every care setting globally.

Fundamental Care involves actions on the part of the care team that respect and focus on a person’s essential needs to ensure their physical and psychosocial wellbeing. These needs are met by developing positive and trusting relationships with the person being cared for as well as their family and carers (Feo et al., 2017). 

The ILC community shares a global vision that recognises the challenges of making fundamental care a valued and essential element in a person’s self-care, health and wellbeing and a set of evidence-based behaviours and actions that inform every  educational, clinical and care setting. For radical transformation within health systems globally, we must engage all members involved in care settings: consumers, clinicians, educators, leaders, researchers, policy-makers, politicians and students. 

The ILC’s efforts over the past decade have led to increased recognition of the importance of fundamental care however, more needs to be done globally. The ILC provides a platform for members to collaborate and advocate for real-world systems change. It is only through coordinated, collaborative effort that we will, and must, achieve real change. The ILC needs people who value Fundamental Care and champion the development and implementation of  change across all sectors of care.


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