ILC 2023 Conference Presentation Recordings

ILC 2023 Annual International Conference Recordings

The ILC 2023 Annual International Conference is the signature event for the ILC and brings together our global community of fundamental care experts and champions from practice, research, education and policy.

The 2023 theme ‘The Fundamental Care [R]evolution’ provided participants with an inspiring conference to revolutionise and evolve our care systems.

The Conference was hosted by long-standing ILC Steering Committee Member and champion for Fundamental Care around the globe, Dr Devin Carr from Maine Medical Centre in Portland, Maine, United States.

This page provides videos of all presentations individually and in order of both days of the conference. 

View the ILC 2023 Conference Program here. 

ILC 2023 Conference Presentations

Day One: Welcome, Dr Devin Carr (US) and Professor Alison Kitson (Aus)
Keynote: Bring on the Care [R]evolution!

Day One: Dr Terry Fulmer (US)
Plenary: The Global Age-Friendly Health Systems Movement

Day One: Sylvie Rey (Canada)
Abstract: [Re]Thinking the care for senior citizens living with Alzheimer’s in the Northern countries: Relevance of the FOC framework

Day One: Dr Joanne Murray (Australia)
Abstract: Improving oral healthcare for hospitalised older adults: outcomes and learnings from an implementation project

Day One: Siri Voldbjerg & Britt Laugesen (Denmark)
Abstract: Exploring the multi-facetted reasons for missed nursing care

Day One: James Severs (UK)
Plenary: Integrating Allied Health into an Organisation-wide Fundamentals of Care Strategy

Day One: Prof David Richards (Norway)
Plenary: Driving high quality international and local FoC research

Day One: Bobbie-Jo Pene & Dr Cathleen Aspinall (NZ)
Abstract: A mixed-method approach to evidencing Fundamentals of Care in Practice

Day One: Kelly Lancaster & Jacqueline Bourque (US)
Abstract: Relational Fundamentals of Care: Adult Patient Perceptions of Nurse Listening Behaviors in an Ambulatory Surgery Setting

Day One: Sarabeth Silver, Mitzi Shapera & Ann Vo (Canada)
Abstract: Getting to the Tooth: A Quality Improvement Approach to Address Oral Care Gaps in Hospital

Day One: Domenico Lombardi Fortino (Italy)
Abstract: Strategies nursing coordinators can implement to support Fundamentals of Care-based nursing: A Scoping Review

Day One: Local and Regional Networks Presentations
Asia Pacific, EAME, Americas, Sweden, Denmark, UK

Summary of Day One
Professor Tiffany Conroy (Aus)

Day Two: Welcome and presentations from Dr Devin Carr (US) & Dr Lianne Jeffs
Keynote: Investment in FoC and embedding FoC in organisations

Day Two: Care Recipient Perspectives
Abstract: Helen Walker (Australia) & Laurie Hyndman (US)

Day Two: Megan Flynn (US)
Abstract: Initiation of Patient Centered Cue Based Cares in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Day Two: Kim Monteiro (NZ)
Abstract: Implementing the Fundamentals of Care Framework in Clinical Practice

Day Two: Professor Annemarie Dowling-Castronovo & Professor Susan Weeks (US) 
Plenary: Own It! Fundamentals of Care –It Starts with Nursing Faculty

Day Two: Krystle Waltrovitz (Aus)
Abstract: International experiences of implementing the Fundamentals of Care Framework in nursing curricula

Day Two: Rosanne Wike & Jennifer Ochs (US)
Abstract: Redesigning a Nurse Residency to a Fundamental Focused Program

Day Two: Erica Sciarra, Sherry Greenberg, Annemarie Dowling-Castronovo (US)
Abstract: Revitalizing Teaching to Prioritize Fundamentals of Care: Trust after Crisis

Day Two: Prof Mette Groenkjaer (Denmark)
Keynote: Integrating FoC across Practice, Education and Research

Day Two: Pecha Kucha Presentations
Keynote: Heather Weidemann, Amy Stafford, Sylvie Rey, Bram Tilburgs, Jenny Parr

Day Two: Organising The Maine Statement

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