ILC Goals

1. Produce evidence to inform how best to deliver fundamental care

Produce high-quality, relevant and up-to-date research evidence to inform and shape the fundamental care that people experience and deliver.

  • RelevanceWe will engage with healthcare consumers, clinicians, researchers, educators, policymakers, managers, leaders, and research funders to identify the research questions relating to fundamental care that are most relevant and important to them.
  • Comprehensive coverage: We will support the production of evidence that informs the delivery of fundamental care across the healthcare spectrum.
  • Pioneering methods: We will develop innovative methods for designing and conducting research in fundamental care.

2. Make knowledge on fundamental care accessible

Ensure information and evidence on fundamental care generated by the ILC is accessible and useful to everybody, everywhere in the world.

  • Co-design and delivery: We will put the needs of the users of our information at the heart of our content design and delivery. We will consult with healthcare consumers, clinicians, policymakers, and leaders to develop creative and flexible ways of generating our content and ensuring it is accessible and usable in diverse settings worldwide.
  • Accessibility: We will work towards ensuring that our products are universally accessible.
  • Cultural appropriateness: We will ensure appropriate recognition is given to cultural variation and work to reduce ambiguity in language.
  • Transformation of learning and teaching: We will work to ensure that our knowledge is translated into ways of educating the next generation of carers, both professional and community-based.

3. Make the ILC the 'home of fundamental care'

Build greater recognition of our work and become the leading global advocate for high-quality fundamental care.

  • Global ‘home of fundamental care’: We will make ILC the ‘go-to’ place for evidence to inform decision-making in healthcare by offering a range of evidence-informed products and resources.
  • Global advocate: We will advocate for evidence-informed fundamental care and the uptake of research evidence in health policy making and service planning.
  • Global partner: We will continue to build international and local partnerships and alliances with organisations that help us to reach people who are making decisions about fundamental care.
  • Global thought leader: We will develop innovative and ‘out of the box’ strategies that challenge and change traditional ways of doing healthcare practice, research and education.
  • Global impact: By achieving these goals, we will demonstrate to funders, users and other beneficiaries of our work the value of the ILC and our impact.

4. Build an effective and sustainable collaborative

Be a diverse, inclusive and transparent collaborative that effectively harnesses the enthusiasm and skills of our members, is guided by our values and principles, is governed accountably, and is managed efficiently and transparently.

  • Inclusive and open: We will reduce barriers to participation by establishing a membership structure with a clear and open route into the ILC for people who want to be involved.
  • Global and diverse: We will become a truly global entity by establishing an ILC presence in all regions, building capacity in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Efficiently run: We will review and adjust the structure and business processes of the ILC to ensure they are optimally configured to enable us to achieve our goals.
  • Investing in people: We will make major investments in the skills and leadership development of our members.
  • Transparently governed: We will ensure transparency of our governance and provide opportunities for members to participate in governing the organisation and/or to be appointed to leadership positions.
  • Environmentally responsible: We will review and adjust our operations to minimise their environmental impact.

The ILC achieves these goals through:

Advocacy and leadership

ILC members and the Steering Committee advocate for systemic change within health and education systems worldwide by sharing their work on fundamental care at local, national and international conferences; sitting on relevant health boards and committees; and embedding fundamental care in their day-to-day work.

Annual International Conference
  • The Steering Committee organise and run a yearly conference that provides the opportunity for members to network, share their latest work relating to fundamental care and to generate ideas and partnerships for future collaborations.
  • As we have continued to expand and grow, the ILC is now also hosting regional events, with the first regional event held in Sydney, Australia for our Australasian members
Monthly ILC Steering Committee meetings
These meetings provide an opportunity for the ILC Steering Committee to:
  • Ensure continued governance for the ILC
  • Identify, set, and work towards strategic short- and long-term goals for the ILC
  • Share the latest information on fundamental care practice, education, research, and policy from their respective countries
Collaborative research projects
The ILC is committed to undertaking internationally-relevant research that has the capacity to make real systems change. Examples of such projects include:
  • a joint study between Sweden and Australia exploring how patients with abdominal pain experience fundamental care in hospital
  • a project designed to develop a working definition for fundamental care, involving clinicians and consumers from 14 different countries
  • a 5-country study exploring student nurses’ perspectives and understanding of fundamental care
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