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ILC Membership Benefits

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Through membership you’ll gain access to a global network of FoC experts. The ILC support team can help you get in touch with experts in FoC from all over the world. Gain privileged access to Special Interest Groups and develop expert resources. Join the dynamic, collaborative Regional Networks that share knowledge and develop networks between FoC colleagues.

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Access professional development opportunities such as our flagship FoC Leadership Program to develop and strengthen your FoC leadership skills. Gain a deeper understanding of implementation strategies and how you can achieve change locally. Then work with your assigned mentor to implement a project to achieve results after the program.

Exclusive Discounts & Scholarships

As a member you’ll receive discounts on ILC events, conferences & leadership programs. Learn from leading FoC experts and gain the confidence to become a champion of FoC. Members can also apply for travel scholarships for the annual ILC Conference or the Leadership Program each year.

Have Your Voice Heard

As a valued member of the ILC, add your voice to our ongoing advocacy efforts. Have your voice heard and help to shape the future of care through the ILC.

Leadership Opportunities

Showcase your expertise in FoC. The ILC provides the opportunity for select members to join the Leadership Program Faculty. The ILC has established an international Strategy & Policy Forum of experts and leaders from all regions, to lead global advocacy and action on implementing fundamentals of care.

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