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The ILC Strategy and Policy Forum (S&PF) is a structure that facilitates input from ILC Members with significant expertise and passion for the fundamentals of care. Their role is to discuss and recommend strategies and policies that could or should guide the work of the International Learning Collaborative (ILC).

The ILC Strategy & Policy Forum is accountable to the ILC (Interim) Management Committee for its operations.

The ILC Strategy and Policy Forum will consist of:

    • Individuals who have served on the original ILC Steering Committee will be offered a position on the inaugural Strategy & Policy Forum for a term of two years. with a right to renewal of membership for a further term of two years (no nomination required)
    • Representation from each of the three ILC Fundamentals of Care Networks (up to 7 representatives from each)
    • One position is available from each Special Interest Group
    • Up to four members of the ILC Inc. Management Committee.

The criteria for people to join the S&PF are based on the Aalborg Statement.

  • Value: Must demonstrate that they promote the valuing of fundamental care as foundational within their practice or ethos, and in their organisation
  • Talk: Must demonstrate that they have the important conversations with practitioners, policymakers and educators and see those articulated explicitly in care and systems
  • Do: Must demonstrate that they actively model and evaluate/research practices, behaviours and approaches in fundamentals of care
  • Own: Must demonstrate that they work collaboratively to encourage ownership of fundamental care amongst colleagues and organisations

View the ILC Strategy & Policy Forum (S&PF) Terms of Reference.

Key Dates and Events

Nominations open: Wednesday 29th March 2023
Nominations close: Tuesday 10th May 2023
Successful nominees notified: Tuesday 16th May 2023
First meeting of the S&PF: At the ILC Conference, Portland, Maine US 12/13 June 2023 time to be confirmed (in-person and virtual options)

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